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Yi Hong Nonferrous Metal Casting Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai in 1999. Through our nearly 20-year history, Yi Hong Nonferrous Metal Casting Co., Ltd. has created superior quality customed aluminum castings for our customer. Our services include Sand Casting, Gravity Casting, Low and High Pressure Die Casting, and Machining. Our facility is certified to ISO/IATF16949. By working closely with our customers, our technical staff and manufacturing teams are able to produce superb products at a very competitive cost in the global market.

Our Vision

To satisfy our customers with excellent service and products of the highest quality.

Our Value

Honesty, Reliability,Result and Customer orientation

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Industrial Robot Parts
Diesel Engine Parts
Other Industrial Parts
  1. No. 208 Pinggang Road, Si Tuan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai
  2. +86 021-58583835
  3. +86 18221178108(Gary Ou)??
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